On Demand Webinar: Utility Asset Analytics: Drive Better Outcomes Today and Tomorrow

In today’s digital world, utilities have evolved from simple time- and utilization-based maintenance to more advanced asset analytics. Data from many nontraditional sources is being used to optimize maintenance cycles on certain asset types. The experts from Utegration have their fingers on the pulse of what’s working in many utilities today for advanced asset analytics. Hear their insights and learn about the future of predictive analytics, which will empower utilities to repair, replace, and/or run with confidence in the outcomes and implications of their decisions.

Join this webcast to learn how you can:

  • Optimize asset lifecycles by evolving from traditional maintenance triggers.
  • Build advanced asset analytics leveraging data that you may already have.
  • Digitally enable predictive analytics across your fleet of asset types.

Presented by:

shaffer_roryRory Shaffer, Executive Director, Asset Performance Management, Utegration



Henry_Le_colorHenry Le, Managing Director, Energy Data, Analytics, and Technology, Utegration



Asset Analytics Webinar Recording 2019