High-Impact Utility Analytics

Creating Insights, Situational Awareness and Accountability in Finance, Customer, Operations and Safety

More and more, Utegration is seeing interest from our utility clients in the area of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) – a focus on creating insights, situational awareness and accountability for areas around finance, customer, operations as well as other corporate performance such as safety.

The need to provide better insight is yielding a focus on providing data and data services that can leverage SAP, Tableau and/or Power BI to the SAP Utilities User Community. This is the transformation of our historical BI/BW/BPC reporting into more dynamic / intelligent services. It is also yielding the opportunity for “dashboards," situational awareness, and other techniques.

Utegration has helped many utilities set up a roadmap for digitalization and advanced analysis, so they can deliver executive-level metrics and KPIs needed today. This live presentation will provide the information you need to get started on your path to delivering and using high-impact analytics in your utility.

Key takeaways:

  1. Drivers for implementing advanced analytics now 
  2. How to approach an assessment of your current state of analytics capabilities
  3. Creating a plan to reach strategic initiatives that are focused on the needs of the utility
  4. Review of an executive dashboard



        Kevin Clemons

   Senior Principal Consultant, Utegration