High-Impact Analytics

Simplify your Planning and Decision-making Processes with SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Discover how SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for Planning can help simplify your planning process, shorten budget timelines, enhance analysis, and improve decision making activities. Watch this webinar replay to learn about SAC's key features, benefits and end-user experience and to see a system navigation demo. 

Plus, Summit Utilities and Venture Global LNG share their experience with implementing and deploying SAC, including lessons learned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning 
    • What is SAC for Planning
    • Key features and benefits of using SAC for Planning
    • Implementation strategies and deployment opportunities
    • System navigation demo
  • Use cases 
    • CapEx solutions
    • OpEx and allocations





Kamen Headshot-1

Kamen Ignatov

Solution Director, Utegration

Tommy Williams Headshot

Tommy Williams

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis,  Summit Utilities

Jack Prudence

Jack Prudence

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis,   Venture Global