High Impact Utility Analytics

Empowering Customer Service Teams to Focus on the High-Volume, High-Value Meter-to-Cash Business Processes

Central Hudson Gas & Electric (“Central Hudson”) wanted to improve employees’ efficiency in performing their jobs and executing high-volume, high-value business processes, which required them to empower their customer service teams to take effective actions by leveraging real-time data insights in their SAP CIS transactional system). They implemented SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), which included a real-time data connection to the CIS (S/4HANA system) to support various reporting needs in the meter-to-cash process.

In this replay, we cover the architectural considerations, lessons learned, business benefits, and future roadmap associated with Central Hudson’s real-time analytics journey.  

You can hear how Central Hudson achieved the following business objectives:

  • Reduced 2,000+ legacy reports to about 40 reports and dashboards
  • Enabled self-service analytics using data explorer functionality built in the BI tool 
  • Reduced the gap between business and data 
  • Provided real-time access to data, enabling identification of KPIs faster 
  • Enabled real-time access to data, improving effectiveness of analysis 

We also discuss and demonstrate how to model data in S/4HANA, and how to structure SAC to meet the needs of the Customer Service organization.  

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Business value realized with real-time analysis on transactional data in your SAP CIS system
  2. Architecting SAP S/4HANA organizational reporting on SAC
  3. Transforming organizational analytics mindset from “gatherers” to “hunters"


Chuan Wang

Chuan Wang

Director, Utegration

Yadu Headshot

Yadu Srinivasan

Data & Analytics Senior Consultant, Utegration

Eric Updike Headshot

Eric Updike

Strategic Initiatives - System Analyst, Central Hudson