In early 2020, EPCOR was undergoing a major, highly complex CIS implementation as part of a major business transformation. To ensure success, a highly innovative approach to project and change management was planned. A global pandemic was not.  
Yet, EPCOR went live on its new CIS in November 2020 in what is the first 100% remote Go-Live in North America of this magnitude and complexity. Hear how, and the major wins already achieved.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • How to create a plan with change management strategies and tactics that really work, even in a highly complex project 
  • How flexibility and creativity in the face of unexpected challenges like COVID are critical to success 
  • How to use concepts like Conference Room Pilot and Joint Testing to roll out more quickly and to lower risk 


  • Maureen Bolen, Chief Growth Officer, Utegration
  • Damon Heron, Senior Manager, Business Transformation, EPCOR