We Appreciate Our Team 

Our robust rewards and recognition program offers team members many opportunities to celebrate their hard work, acknowledge tenure milestones, and honor their individual successes. 


Peer-to-Peer Award

An employee can nominate any other employee based on the performance while working on client projects or internal projects.


Short-Term Achievement

Awards for employees who have performed above and beyond expectation.


Quarterly Utilization SPIFF

Employees who have greater than or equal to 102% utilization for the quarter. 


Sales SPIFF Award

Given to the employees who participate in RFPs and sales processes. 


Excellent Trainer Award

Applauds trainers across the organization with an excellent score.


Outstanding Learner Award

Celebrates high-performing employees who have achieved three internal certifications in one quarter.

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Employee Referrals Award

An employee receives a monetary award if a candidate is hired based on their referral.


Annual Awards Client Spotlight Award

Based on client feedback, this awards recognizes the achievements and leadership of our consultants.


Innovation Award

Celebrates employees who challenge the status quo and develop innovative solutions that create positive change in the organization or for our clients. 


Five Years of Excellence

 Celebrates the five year milestone of employment at Utegration. Announced at annual company event.


Ten Years of Belonging

Celebrates the ten year milestone of employment at Utegration. Announced at annual company event.


Team Impact Award

The Team Impact Award is given on an annual basis to recognize employees who have developed, revised, or implemented a process, program, or initiative that had a positive impact on a the product, project, and / or practice. To be considered for the award, an employee must have an impact in one of the following ways: 

  • Enhanced project / product delivery  
  • Enhanced efficiency through process improvements
  • Created sustainable efforts for product / project / practice

Extraordinary Award

This award recognizes employees for their exemplary performance and outstanding contributions of service to Utegration. The award is based on different accomplishments, including:

  • Utilization
  • Revenue driver via sales support
  • Strategic plays (internal or project-related)
  • Strong results that have contributed to maturing our organization
  • Thought leadership
  • Other notable work