The new utility environment requires constant evolution. And affordability.


Increasing customer and regulator expectations, constrained rates of returns, and new market entrants and service providers are changing the game of the traditional utility service model.


Business agility is how the game will be won. Which is why Utegration built Utility4U, the first cloud-based, end-to-end solution built on industry-leading SAP software. It enables all the operations of an intelligent utility – from proactive, data-driven customer service to complex asset management and more:

  • Core solutions delivered in a modular fashion so you can start anywhere and add as you're ready
  • With 116 pre-built best practice utility processes to simplify implementation and ensure value
  • Featuring built-in analytics, reporting and dashboards
  • Affordable, scalable, supported and maintained—with annual functional upgrades

Utility4U Reference ArchitectureJoin us for any or all of our 5-part webinar series. We'll provide an overview of every Utility4U component and show how a Tier-1 pre-configured solution can help your utility adapt and thrive in the future. 

  1. Utility4U CIS Introduction
  2. Utility4U CIS-Embedded MDM
  3. Utility4U ERP
  4. Utility4U Work and Asset Management
  5. Utility4U Customer Experience

If your organization is planning for the future, understanding what Utility4U can bring your utility will be a valuable use of your time.




Introducing Utility4U: A Focus on CIS


Utility digital technology platform architecture must support traditional billing needs and accommodate discrete new customer engagement and customer experience capabilities. 

Utility4U CIS is the pre-packaged, Tier 1 CIS that's affordable for mid-size utilities. Built on SAP, the technology the largest utilities in the world run, it provides:

  • The packaged business capabilities utilities need to meet the needs of new utility market models
  • The flexibility to add new features and functions as needed, and
  • Functionality that improves employee productivity

See the solution that will ensure your CIS is all you need it to be – today and tomorrow.  


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Introducing Utility4U: A Focus on Meter Data Management


With Utility4U, your CIS and MDM come together to simplify meter data management and business process orchestration, and helps optimize your total cost of ownership.

The Utility4U embedded MDM solution, MeterData4U®, has achieved SAP Certification for integration with SAP S/4HANA and provides strong value drivers:

  • Optimizes your AMI-related business processes
  • Improves productivity
  • Minimizes total cost of ownership 

This webinar will demonstrate how you can treat your AMI-driven business processes as an asset worth maintaining and evolving over time, even as new regulatory or business requirements emerge, or as technologies change.


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Introducing Utility4U: A Focus on ERP


Changing regulatory climate and tighter financial controls, as well as demand for additional information and transparency are driving new ERP requirements. 

Utility4U ERP is built on market-leading SAP technology and provides: 

  • Comprehensive OpEx and CapEx accounting
  • Compliance with asset and lease accounting standards
  • Integrated regulatory reporting
  • Seamless integration with CIS accounts receivable for real-time enterprise analytics
  • Supply chain end-to-end processes

Simplify your core ERP and financial processes for the future. 


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Introducing Utility4U: A Focus on Work and Asset Management


You're invited to explore the advantages of a robust EAM that is fully integrated with Finance, Supply Chain, and CIS.

Utility4U EAM encompasses key business processes for work and asset management in one comprehensive solution, providing:

  • Service Management
  • Work Management
  • Asset Management
  • GIS Integration
  • Scheduling ​and Dispatch
  • Field Operations Mobility

Plan now to attend this session to see the power of an EAM solution with best practice business processes built in.


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Introducing Utility4U: A Focus on Customer Experience


New customer expectations have put more emphasis on customer-facing activities and digital customer engagement. 

Utility4U Customer Experience leverages the latest digital technology and analytics, so your utility can get closer to your customers and gain more value through:

  • Customer Self-Service
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment
  • Reduced call center volume
  • The ability to drive new revenue streams
  • Improved insight on C&I accounts

Learn how to fast-track a better customer experience with Utility4U. 


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