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Hear three experts examine how the regulatory process must adapt to meet the needs of progressive utilities.

Advanced technology continues to progress and find its way into the utility sector, and the mindset of large natural gas and electric utility businesses must shift to adapt and execute in new and innovative ways. This shift is often led by the utilities’ finance and accounting organizations, who also largely drive the changes we currently see manifesting in intelligent grids, smart homes and other advanced utility grid technologies.

To fully execute on these financial-driven changes, the utility regulatory bodies must continue to evaluate these technologies for their cost, usefulness and ultimately the benefit to the consumer. We look to discuss these facets of the sector and determine whether a balancing point exists between prudent investing in utility technology and progressive regulation.

  • The progress of advance technology at utilities continues its march and has become an ingrained mindset in traditional utilities
  • As technology improvements get implemented, the regulatory process will have to adapt, adjust, and flex to meet the needs of these innovative utilities and manage the continued growth
  • The value of advanced technologies such as Intelligent Grid, Smart Homes, and machine learning will be put to test through a regulatory framework that may not understand them
  • Listen in to hear three experts discuss key considerations about this multi-faceted and unique problem for utilities as we try to find a balancing point between value and cost

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Dr David L Bodde_Clemson U

Dr. David L. Bodde

Professor Emeritus
Clemson University


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Gee Strategies Group LLC.


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