Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects can be truly transformational undertakings that sweep through the many corners of your organization.  The complexity and the need to “get it right” due to the scale of the requisite investment simply cries out for early education and careful planning.


Utilities must:

  • settle on the right architecture
  • select multiple (and compatible) technology pieces
  • sign multiple contracts
  • assemble a wide mix of professional services organizations
  • create a complex roll-out plan, and
  • execute a project with many moving pieces 
In between, both your IT and business organizations are asked to make some complex and impactful decisions with relatively little runway.


Over the last six years, Utegration has successfully completed numerous AMI implementations.  Our industry-leading experts have helped clients to properly plan out these programs and have perfected the project execution.  

Join us for a 6-part webinar series as we share our knowledge and experience honed through these numerous implementations. We will help you answer questions such as the following:

  • What AMI functionality does SAP deliver out of the box? 
  • Which business processes will be impacted with the implementation? 
  • What key business and IT decisions have to be made before, during and after the implementation? 
  • How do you properly orchestrate mass deployment activities across all the applications and prevent costly stoppages? 

Whether your organization is planning for AMI in the future, is in the middle of project, or is even wrapping up your current deployment, you will come away with insight that will benefit your organization.


An Introduction to MDUS

Introduction to the SAP MDUS integration standard, the out-of-the-box functionality and enterprise services, and primary impacted business processes



AMI Solution Architecture and Orchestration

Wednesday, September 30

Competing architectures, implementation considerations, integration considerations, support considerations

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Key AMI Business Decisions and Their Impacts

Wednesday, October 14

Key business decisions by business process and the impacts of those decisions

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CIS-Embedded Prepayment Powered by AMI

Wednesday, October 28

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Conquering the AMI Mass Deployment

Wednesday, November 11

How to properly solution, plan for, and execute a mass deployment

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AMI Analytics- Maximizing the Value of Your AMI Investment

Wednesday, December 2

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